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Top Ten Mom “Hacks” to calm the “Wild Child”…

scrubbing vegetables clean
Get them to clean the vegetables for supper!

For those of you who don’t know our family personally, my eldest has severe Sensory Processing Disorder. This makes her at times prone to Obsessive Compulsive or Hyperactive Behaviors. As you can imagine, this makes for a challenging Home Life sometimes. Especially when you have a “to do”List running out the door.

So here is my List of Ten Mom “Hacks”that I use to try to turn the Behaviors around:

girl planting flowers
Outside play is really Fun and builds an appreciation for Nature!
  1. If the weather is conducive to it, Play outside. Build animal houses with garden things like sticks, leaves, stones, etc. Have them sit on a blanket if they have grass allergies (like my two) and take their toys out. Or let them plant flowers and herbs with you they will love it and seeing the results of their handiwork!
  2. Blow Bubbles… Again this is mostly recommended to be an outside activity as the bubbles can make slippery soapy spots where they land inside. An alternative option for indoors is to do Bubble Blowing when they bath.
  3. Paint with water or draw with Jumbo Chalks on the outside walls or paving. Just make sure that the walls are washable and stain resistant to prevent excessive scrubbing.
  4. Good old fashioned Water Play… Take a plastic container, fill it with water and let them loose!As long as the surface is not prone to being slippery when wet, this could lend itself to lots of Imaginative Fun. Add in plastic toys, spoons, cups, Jugs – whatever they like to use to be creative!
  5. Taking the play back to Indoor Play, there are loads of things lying around the pantry that make for excellent sensory play: Pasta, Rice, Beans, Soup Mix, Barley, seeds, etc. If your child is old enough to know not to put things in their mouth then this is a good option for them. Again, providing toys to bury, scoops, spoons and cups to pour and play will help build skills and confidence through play.
outdoor adventures
Go on an Outdoor Adventure…

6. Play dough or Slime are great ways to encourage calming Sensory Play. In fact, if you want to really step up on the calming properties of the Play dough, try our gorgeous AromaDough! On order in our online store. Click Here to order yours!

playdough therapy
Aromadough Therapy for Children – order yours today!
playdough therapy
Aromadough Therapy for Children – order yours today!

These are ways you can create an environment that calms them and keeps them in a “Good Space”:

7. Run a Humidifier or Essential Oil Diffuser with calming oils and Colloidal Silver in the water. Order yours here. This has a three-fold benefit: Firstly the Colloidal silver infuses Oxygen enriched and Bacteria Cleansing Mist into the air. Secondly, the essential oils (depending on which ones you use) create a calming atmosphere and provide many health benefits when inhaled. And finally, it generates a steady flow of white noise in the background which is very soothing.

8. Give them something soothing to drinkchamomile tea or milk and honey are great options. Or give them a relaxing bath with our Baby be Calm Bath oil and Epsom Salts. This will help with any aches and pains or infections they may be experiencing that’s possibly causing the unrest. Order your Baby and Toddler Bath time essentials here.

chamomile tea helps calm the hyperactive behavior…

9. Keep the room free of Visual stimulation – Use white or neutral toned cloths or blankets to cover bright colours or unsightly visual clutter. Cover any harsh glares from sunlight or overhead lights. Keep the Light dimmed and the environment a comfortable temperature.

sleeping child
Keep the environment free of visual clutter and harsh lights

10. Finally, if they need help to calm down there are natural options available. Try Ashton and Parsons Powders these contain chamomile extract to help soothe teething and other causes of restlessness. Also Natura has a tissue salt called Mag Phos no 8. This contains Magnesium and helps to alleviate pain or cramping.

All the Best Mamma, you’ve got this! 🙂


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