Pay it Forward!

Pure Tea Enjoyment
Pay it forward…

Tea is my passion! Every memory I retrieve has a Cup of Tea present. Good times and Bad times. There was always Tea. How do I love Tea? Let me count the ways…

It is my Fitness Coach: Coaxing me through Midday Slumps. It is my Psychologist: Infusing me with confidence and inspiration. It is my Doctor: Healing me from within and working with my Body’s Natural Rhythms. It is my Spa Therapist: Detoxing, purifying and cleansing my soul. It is my Comforter: Warming my chilled heart.

That being said, I have naturally developed a particular Palate for Tea. I can very easily differentiate between the Tea Varieties and believe Me, I have tried them all! The fact remains – there is tea and there is TEA. I have since been educated on the processes behind the Production of Tea and why there is such a taste and price distinction among them. It was truly eye opening!

What I began to appreciate about Dilmah Tea is that they truly are a “Cut” above the rest. All of their Tea is hand picked – meaning that it is individually selected by people not Machinery! How great is that? They take it one step further to ensure that only the finest selections are made – they delegate this all important role to… wait for it… Women! Girl Power!

This is such an astounding thought: When you buy Dilmah Tea, not only are you ensuring that you receive the finest Camellia sinensis available, but you are supporting a Group of Women across the Ocean! We are helping Mothers, Daughters and Sisters to provide a sustainable living for their families – and they love their Jobs!

Well done Dilmah! I will keep paying it forward.


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