Dilmah Daily Cuppa…

relax with a book and tea or coffee...

What do Disney, Fraser and Jane Austen all have in common? The answer is not that obvious… Tea! And plenty of it. When Fraser is in an emotional melt down moment what does he request? Chamomile! When Jane Austen’s heroines are engaging in some verbal jousting what is on hand for inspiration? Tea. What do Disney characters always participate in? Tea Parties. I rest my case.

Tea is the Elixir of Life. Its capabilities are endless. It can do anything from Consolation to Weight loss. Who wouldn’t want a cup? True, everyone has their own taste… For some its Ceylon or “Normal” tea, for others its Rooibos, still others swear by Green Tea only.

Recently I had the privilege of tantalising my taste buds with Dilmah’s exciting new Tea Ranges. I was in a state of reverie all day devouring one flavour after another. Sheer Indulgence. The best part of their Teas, aside from the superior Quality of the Brand, is the exotic new ingredient combinations they offer!

Did you know that when we learn something New our Brain builds connections between Neurons, replacing some of those we may have lost over time. Lets take it one step further and think about Experiencing something New. This time all our senses are engaged and we create an even stronger connection pattern.

So we are elevating Dopamine levels and strengthening our Brains just by trying something New! Why not let it be while we are savouring our Daily Cuppa? Bring it on Dilmah, “My Cup Runneth Over”!!!



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